Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Doc McMommy- Frustrated

Carousel was slightly lethargic Friday, and then got a fever that evening- 101.3 rectal-and she had goosebumps which is always a sign of a legit fever and not just overheating. As she was sleeping, she would awake crying and saying, "my tummy hurts," then she'd go back to sleep (don't know if it actually hurts or if that's her general code for "I feel sick.")
She awoke for the day Saturday and was acting normal and seemed fever free (but rectal temp was 100.3). Also, I smelled her urine and did not suspect uti. She went all day with a temp 101.6, but acted normal. There were two instances that she started crying saying her tummy hurt and threw up, (though it was so little it makes me wonder if it wasn't just the fever making her feel crummy and when she cried she threw up- totally happens when she is well. lol). After she threw up, both times, she went right back to acting normal.
Sunday she awoke again crying and saying, "my tummy hurts," then she'd go back to sleep. She slept late and her temp was only 99, and it seemed she was getting better. (up to 100/101 at night) Same temp Monday and once again it appeared she was on the mend. BUT she had a fever since Friday and was barely eating/drinking- definitely worried about dehydration. (slight cough developed that day too) so I made her an appointment but they couldn't see her until today. While she had a temp of 99 all day yesterday, it spiked to 103 last night. I was not happy. (ps, 99 is not a fever, but for her it is)
This morning her cough settled in, she was congested and her temp was 98. WHAT?! When we got to the dr, her temp was up, but she was still acting ok, (with a few coughs). We ruled everything out, (no flu, etc), but her diagnosis is still unknown. She was given an antibiotic and meds for an upper repertory infection (but I think those were more "bandaids" and she might not actually need them). :/ If her fever is not gone by Thursday, I am supposed to call the dr again.
She took a 3 hour nap and her fever is up to 101. I wonder how high it will get this evening. :/
I'm not happy with not knowing what is wrong and I am really not happy that her fever is all over the place (and that she acts normal most of the day). Very frustrating. Just be sick or be well.
Her cough is becoming a little worse now, (still not as bad as it could be, but she is coughing a few times an hour, and the cough is now deeper).
After one nasty cough, Annie turns to me and says very pathetically, "take me to the hospital I'm sick." Oh, just rip my heart out, why don't you!

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  1. Sounds like what Nathan and Olivia just went through. They didn't prescribe meds for them. They told me to give tylenol for the fever and honey for the cough. Also to use a humidifier at night. I hope she feels better soon!