Sunday, November 24, 2013

Ice Ice Baby

Being a native Texan, I do not know all the right snow terminology...
but we had sleet/snow build up in inches that were solid ice. So I would call this more ice than snow, but regardless what it was, we had a blast!!
Snow is super special to's why. I am just filled with such joy when it's cold and white everywhere. :)
Without any further adieu:
 She is sitting on inches of ice- ON CONCRETE! We had no choice but to stay home today, and schools etc are closed tomorrow.
 and yes, that's Dumbo in the background. ;)

 They're best friends, if you couldn't tell already. ;)

 "It's snowing, I'm so excited!"

We have a rock front yard and grass in the back. The rocks helped the ice/snow stay solid, but the grass didn't. It was breaking as I stepped, but you'll soon see that Annie greatly benefitted from this. :)

Because the ice was breaking, Annie got to play with it:
 "Look Mommy! It's a Christmas Tree!"
 These two pics are why they say not to teach your kids to say "cheese!" for pics. It's ok though, it works more often than it doesn't. :)

 Kissing her "Christmas Tree." :)

 Jersey joined in and, like in the years past, had an absolute blast!

Throwing ice rocks snow balls. ;)

 love her expression here :)

 this expression is even better! lol

 She had picked this piece up and it slipped right out of her hand. You think she found this funny? ;)

After an hour of hanging in the ice snow, we came in and hung out by the fire. :)

I DID NOT pose Annie for these two. I was shooting away and Annie posed herself. Eat your heart out, Tyra Banks!
Leaning on her elbow, palm placed just so on the window, serious expression...seriously, who let her watch America's Next Top Model without my knowledge? ;)

Here are some snow pics- I saved them for last in case some of you are used to the snow and couldn't care less about it. (but there is one last image at the bottom you'll want to scroll to see) :)
 Icicles. Be still my heart!

 Just in case you forgot we were in West Texas- a tumble weed with icicles on it. :)
 Inches of ice on our driveway! I heard churches closing church Saturday night and I thought they were nuts. It's just a little snow! Then I saw the ice this morning. Yeah, we weren't going anywhere! lol

 our ice wall
 Trying to show the depth of the ice. My foot prints didn't even go all the way down to the grass.
 Here is a hunk of ice, upside down. See where the grass is? See how the ice is inches above it (if it were right side up)?
Another pic to show depth- just doesn't do it justice!
Annie in action :)

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