Saturday, November 23, 2013

Early Birthday Celebration

Last week we were in Houston because Tex had to go to Canada for work.
Since Carousel's birthday is weeks away, my mom spoiled showered Carousel with birthday gifts.
As always, Carousel's birthday and Christmas gifts revolve around Disney Princesses and Doc McStuffins.
Carousel opened many princess dolls from the Disney store and she also received Princess Palace Pets.
Princess Palace Pets- think Disney Princess meets Littlest Pet Shop.
Two of my favorites from growing up, made into one! Needless to say, it was a NEED!
My mom bought her the whole set- gave half of it to her now and will save the other half for Christmas. :) 
This is Cinderella's dog named Pumpkin. :) She can be purchased here, as well as Target and Walmart. :)

 Nana Nell was done buying gifts for Carousel. BUT like many spoiling benevolent grandmas, my mom had a little spoiling let up her sleeve. Here's why:

We will be celebrating Carsouel's birthday a little differently this year.

Instead of a birthday party, we will be taking her to the American Girl Store and we will be buying her a Bitty Baby.
I have been planning on buying her one since we first got her. I got the American Girl catalog in the mail and Carousel looked just like the Bitty Baby!
 They changed the way they looked a little bit, so the resemblance is less uncanny, BUT we still love her! We are naming her Bristol! (if you follow me on Pinterest, now you know we are not adopting again- the Annie and Bristol board refers to this! lol)
 As you can see in the image above, this book comes with the Bitty Baby. I showed it to Carousel, and she said, "Look! It's Carousel and Bristol!"
 They also have other books, and this is the other one that stars Carousel and Bristol. Not that I am complaining- if I had to choose one book, it would be the one about snow! :)
So where does my mom come in? Well, a big reason I am stoked to get this for Carousel is that I can't wait for all of the matching outfits that you can buy at American Girl. Carousel matching Bristol on a regular basis- are you kidding me?! I am so excited!
Well, American girl has only a handful of outfits, and they are pretty pricey! :/
Since my mom was done buying gifts, she considered returning some gifts and then buying Carousel some AG clothes. We didn't want to do that, but what to do about the pricey clothes?
We went to Kohl's and remembered they carried some matching outfits. We found Dollie & Me.
We found an outfit was originally $50/60. It was marked down, marked down, marked down, and my mom only paid about $7!
We were on a mission!
We drove to every Dillard's and Kohl's to find the ones on sale. The most she paid was $20 for one outfit, but she paid less than $15 each for the rest of the outfits! Even at $20- that's $15 for Carousel's outfit and $5 for Bristol's. Do you know how much it costs at American girl? Over $20 for the Baby outfit! ALONE!
Now, these outfits are made for 18 in dolls, (which are the large American Girl dolls), but they fit 15 in dolls just fine, (Bitty Babies are 15in).
Also, the $50/60 original price... while that is significantly cheaper than American Girl it is still over priced. DO NOT PAY MORE THAN $40 for the outfits! On the Dollie & Me website, the STARTING prices are about $38...that is the first sale price at Dillard's and Kohl's. If you want to pay full price, only do it at the Dollie & Me website!
So, even though Nana Nell was done buying Carousel presents, she still bought Carousel a new wardrobe for herself and Bristol! :) THANKS NANA NELL!
If you have been following this blog for the last few years, the name Bristol is nothing new to you. Bristol is what we will name our next daughter if we ever decide to adopt again.
Her full name was to be Bristol Emmy Kate.
Bristol after George Mueller from Bristol, England. Click here to see an old post from here explaining the awesomeness of Mr. Mueller.
Emmy Kate is named after two amazing girls!
Emmy: Emma Saunders
She moved to Uganda to serve the orphans, (and she has already adopted a little boy there!). She has been called since she was 7. Get to know her here. You'll be glad you did! I just love her!
Kate: Katie Davis
Moved to Africa, now mother of many former orphans :)  founder of Amazina Ministries and author of Kisses from Katie
These are 2 girls that love Jesus and the orphan, and I greatly look up to them! :)
Well, we know that Carousel is in love with her stuffed elephant, Dumbo. I wanted to get Bristol a little stuffed elephant of her own and we would name it Emmy Kate as to incorporate all of the names, (one day Annie will learn all of the meanings of Bristol Emmy Kate and she'll have 3 new heroes to look up to). American Girl sells one for Bitty Baby, but it is HUGE- like an inch smaller than Bitty Baby! Also, it is a whimsical color and since Dumbo is more "realistic," I wanted Emmy Kate to be that way too! At my mom's I quickly looked through some old Beanie Babies and found her!

This Beanie Baby is the perfect size (and coloring!) for Bristol's BFF. :)
then I noticed one of my sister's books, (she is a future teacher and is building her library). 

A girl whose BFF is an elephant?! That was so written about CAROUSEL! :)
So, Bristol's elephant will be named Emma Kate. Emmy Kate flows better as a middle name, but Emma Kate is great for Bristol's elephant! :) (and considering Emmy was picked in honor of Emma, using Emma instead of Emmy still honors Miss Saunders). :)
I've already purchased this book for Carousel, and we will be buying Bristol in a few weeks when Carousel turns 4.
FOUR. I'm already crying. Time goes by way too fast!

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