Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Dilemma Worth Having?

After Carousel's big fight when we put her back in her room on Monday night, it has been smooth sailing since!
BUT she is sleeping all day!
The first few nights I put her down at/after midnight, so her sleeping late was expected. Last night I put her down at 10, so I would expect her up between 8-10. Well after waking at 11, I decided I needed to check on her.
 Y'all, I woke her up! After 11 am! (she posed like she was sleeping...but check out her eyes- she definitely just woke!).
I know I shouldn't complain, I mean I did get to sleep in past 11 today! But, every night she has slept alone, she sleeps all morning, and I tend to wake her. I want her to wake on her own, and of course, I do not want to leave her laying in bed all day if she is not sleeping. And since her sleeping/lethargy is my biggest sign of a head issue, I need to know what is going on!
So tonight, after having her for a little more than 3 years, I finally got a video monitor.
This will definitely help me not stress out at night and it will help me discover what she does in the morning. :)
I asked what she wanted to do and right away she wanted to play with her toys:
 Jersey loves Carousel's toy nook too! And can you tell Carousel just woke up? lol
 Playing with her Princess Palace Pets.
 Each pet comes with her own brush, and Carousel made me match each animal and their brush so she could brush them all with their own brush.
 Just a few of the pets with their brushes: Pocahontas's Raccoon, Mulan's Panda, Aurora's Cat, Jasmine's Tiger, and Tiana's cat. :) If you love Disney Princesses and animals, you must get Princess Palace Pets! :)
Then she wanted to play in her kitchen, and of course eat cake. :)

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  1. glad it all worked itself out :)

    Happy New Year!!!!