Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Adopting Belle

When we went to the Fort Worth Zoo on Christmas Eve, and in research I found a treat for Carousel. Like any zoo, you can adopt animals, and there was a baby elephant at the zoo- named Belle! Can you think of anything more perfect?! Unfortunately, it was too cold for the elephants so we did not get to see them. :( Also sad, the head of adoptions was out of the office so we had to adopt Belle online- which meant we had to wait for her to arrive as opposed to taking her home with us that day.
Every year, (and possibly every zoo trip, depending on how often we go), I will let Carousel adopt an animal. I mean, with your one time (completely affordable) donation you feed the animal you adopt for a year, and you receive a box full of goodies, including a stuffed version of her adopted friend. Either I could allow her to buy a toy from the gift shop, or adopt an animal. Adoption it is! Besides, adoption is quite special to us. :)
 Ready to see the elephants, and BELLE!
 The pachyderm that started it all, Carousel's BFF, Dumbo. :)
 She wasn't there, but we were happy to at least take pics near her home. :)

 With the baby elephant statue.
FINALLY, on Monday night it arrived!
 Clearly she was ecstatic!
 What a happy box! :)
 Belle is HERE! 
 Very proud of her adoption certificate. :)

Tuesday we did a proper shoot:
 We got her a Belle tshirt at the zoo. :)

 In her adoption box, she also received a picture of Belle, and a few other goodies. :)
 I gathered all of her elephants and Bristol for a group shot:
 Two girls with their beloved elephants. :)
Oh just stop! :)
When Carousel received Dumbo, her grandpa suggested the name. In my head I was screaming, "NOOOO!" I knew one day she would come to know the real Dumbo, and I didn't like the idea of the confusion to come. Well, to my annoyance, Dumbo stuck. lol Oh well, she loves all of her Dumbos, her two Emma Kates, her Belle, and all of her future elephants that we will collect. ;)

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