Monday, May 5, 2008

Jersey's Sleepover!

Aunt Belle came over for a sleepover with Jersey! (Yes we need a child, shhh)! :) They got along so well! She woke me up at 7 am Saturday morning, but that was ok! We were gonna keep her until Sunday night, but then I remembered I had to lead Power Up for K-5, and with her there I wasn't getting anything done! So I dropped her off Saturday morning and then my sister and I went shopping! In June Belle will come over for a week long sleepover with us. (She doesn't really need to spend the night, but I want Jersey to have some fun)! Here are some pictures... sorry they are out of order... the unloader does it funny... usually I put it in order, but there were too many this time...

In the middle of playing... look at their smiles... Jersey is trying to teach Belle the fine art of smiling for pictures!
My Lobster leading Jersey to see more trucks... ps, we encountered at pit bull 5 minutes later. I was so scared! We had two little puppies, and he followed us close behind for awhile...
AWW, look at Belle... we'll make a country girl out of her, mark my words! :)
My Lobster and Belle... he carried her the whole time! I told him we need to get him a little girl! Jersey is 100% Mama's boy, and I said Paul needs a Daddy's Little Girl... he said no to the dog... he wants a REAL Daddy's Little Girl! ;)
Man, look at his face... my little angel plays really well... he looks scary! (What's funny is that he never once bit her or barked while they played... she did all the biting and barking)!
Close up of Jersey on the equipment. He is so precious!
My Lobster of course wanted to show his son the equipment, but he didn't want to leave out Belle. He wanted the little city girl to experience it too! :)
I love this picture! It was My Lobster's idea... good job Honey! Look at both their smiles... I just love it! :)
Being creative with Belle
My Lobster and Belle in the sunset~
Belle did whatever Jersey did. Here Jersey is chewing on Daddy's underwear, and she decided it looked fun too!
Photo shoot of Belle in the flowers...
Look closey at Belle's eyes in this one.... lol
Our kiss in the shadow of the sunset... ♥
Jersey decided to teach Belle how to drink out of the water bottle. He can "hold" it, but he was proud that she learned to at least drink out of it! :)
more from the photo shoot! How cute!
He would squeak the ball and she would bark. So, he continued to squeak it to make her happy!
Here he is squeaking it and she is ready to pounce! :)
She wanted to chew away too! Look at her cute little face :)

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  1. great photos! gotta have! Paul sure looks great w/ a little girl! thanks for sharing!!! MOM