Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend with the grandparents...

For Memorial Day, we spent the weekend with my inlaws. (The above picture was taken by accident in traffic on the way home... I love it)
Jersey LOVES his grandpa! Grandpa dotes on Jersey like you wouldn't believe! He built this dog run for Jersey so he could play while daddy and grandpa worked in the yard and on the cars.
I looked outside and couldn't find Jersey, I was a little scared, but then...
Jersey noticed I spotted him, and he awoke from his nap. He hid behind the bushes to get in the shade away from the heat! He is so cute!
Grandpa played with Jersey every free chance. When we were getting ready to leave, grandpa ran in and asked me how fast my camera was. He was so impressed by Jersey's jumping height, that he wanted me to catch a picture. Such the proud grandpa! (this pic does not do justice to Jersey's abilities... he can jump SO HIGH)!
On the way there we stopped for a potty break. Daddy and Jersey were outside and when I came to join them, daddy decided to let Jersey run towards me across a busy parking lot. You can imagine my alarm at this. I yelled, "MY LOBSTER" and reached for Jersey, (praying he wouldn't run in front of a car). Jersey ran so fast out of excitement to see me that he passed me a little, (he couldn't stop fast enough). When he passed me I caught his leash in my arm and this was the result... the pic does no justice, and it was more painful than I could have imagined!
On one of our walks, Jersey encountered a friend poking his head through the gate. Isn't that cute!?!
Photo shoot in the trees... he is ready for his close up, Mr. De Mille!
He really enjoyed daddy's joke.... just kidding... ;)
No one every takes our picture, so I always have to do it... sorry for the terrible angles that you always encounter.
My boys
He loves his Daddy!
Is this not the sweetest thing? We need a baby, I know!

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