Wednesday, January 13, 2010

♥ne Year- H♥me Sweet H♥me

One year ago today we moved into our house. :)

In September, we painted our house, and I made a decision on our mantle. I decided not to decorate it because the pretty new paint looked so nice alone. Over Christmas, since the mantle was decorated, I started to entertain the idea of decorating it year round. Then on a shopping trip with my mom, I found it- the perfect decor...

A full look at our new and improved mantle... :)
This is the frame that started it all... I was ecstatic to find a frame with the exact colors of my walls- gold and purple!
After that, I went on a hunt and after a few trips back and forth to Hobby Lobby buying, returning, and buying again- we have settled on this look. Whatcha think? :)

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