Sunday, January 3, 2010

Doggie Dilemma

As you well know, we just love our Jersey. Here is our dilemma:

We used to buy Jersey rawhides. He LOVED them, and ate them all up. Eventually I stopped giving them to him cause they upset his stomach.

Jersey LOVES cloth, paper, and most beloved is cardboard. He loves to chew it up and eat it. Obviously this is not a good thing. When I saw it was coming out in his...well, in our yard, then I thought it was ok. I have never seen it cause him a problem at all.

It can't be good for him, even though it doesn't seem to be a problem.

I bought him a rawhide a few days ago with the intent on taking all his favorites away, and replacing them with proper dog treats. The problem is, they are effecting his tummy again. He needs to go out often, he is obviously not feeling well, and he is very gassy.

He has one toy that he loves and he cannot eat- a squeaky football. He loves it, but during a movie he is not allowed to have it.

We need a chew toy that he can enjoy without being able to eat it or squeak it. Any suggestions? Recently we bought him an "indestructible" toy, but it just isn't fun for him. He would love a tug-o-war toy, but he can eat most of them that are on the market... and his favorite way to play tug-o-war is with cloth so he can pull and pull until it rips... so we would want a tug-o-war toy that he can't eat, but is stretchy.

So to sum up: we need a chewtoy he can chew without eating it, and a tug-o-war toy with some give, but that he also cannot eat. Difficult- that's why I need your help. :)

Our spoiled son. Here he is in Dallas in the bed his doting grandparents bought for him. He is wrapped in a, (fresh from the warm dryer), towel. Now, he is spoiled, but not that spoiled. The only reason we gave him the warm towel was because after spending much time frolicking in the snow, he had ice frozen to his under belly. It broke my heart, but he didn't seem to mind. :)


  1. I know you're looking for a chew toy he can't eat but I have an option for you to try. Our big dog has the same problem with rawhides...they make him super sick. Recently, I've found a brand of rawhide looking, rawhide felling chewies but they are made of pork...the brand is Pork Chomps and they come in tons of sizes (you can get them at Petsmart). I thought I'd give those a try since we have the new puppy who will chew anything within 2 feet of his mouth and big dog hasn't had any problem with them at all! They are supposedly much easier for dogs to digest than rawhide. I know it's not exactly what you are looking for, but thought I'd suggest it anyway because I've been exactly where you are before and it's definitely frustrating! Hope this helps!

  2. I have 2 of the sweetest labs in the world...but they're so destructable! Their absolute favorite, least destructable toys are the donut: -#1 favorite thing from petsmart
    their 2nd favorite toy ever is ...or anything by the "orka" brand they love! I promise Jersey will love either of these...whether it's to play by himself or have you throw it and he get it! Petsmart also has bowling pins and jumbo ropes that my dogs love so much! Those things never seem to get old for them!
    Hope you find some great things for Jersey! =)