Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Rough Road

The last few days have been unbelievebly beautiful!!! I took my camera out today to enjoy it:

There is a country road near our house that I discovered the other day, and it is SO beautiful! I saw this sign while driving, and it made me think of the road my sweet babies have been down. Possible abuse, leaving their homes and lives, to be adopted and loved by strangers.

Rough road for sure, but:
God Blessed the Broken Road right? :) (Notice the gorgeous sky?)
Look at those yellow flowers- gotta love spring!
I shot this out of my sunroof, but pretty nice huh? :)
So many cows- I was jamming to Mark Schultz and the guy in front took notice. :)

Ok, I am not slightly obsessed- I am officially obsessed!
This was the theme for the room, and I had planned to put it somewhere in the room- well, tada! :) Ok, only two more things for this room- the pics of my little monsters for the frame ;) and THIS! Oh, and a green monster or 2 from Fenway! :)
We, well Mr. Incredible anyway, have been busy with the sprinkler system! Bolt and I have been showing our moral support by sitting outside while Mr. Incredible does all the work. ;) Isn't he adorable?! He is getting a hair cut Friday, and he will be bald and less cute- for a short while a assure you! :)
This is how Bolt sleeps when we are watching movies- SO FUNNY! Look- he is on his side, but his lower belly is facing up, and his head is up and around, (his nose is under the rug). He always sleeps like this, only in the play room, and it always cracks me up!!! :)

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