Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daddy's Day

I just upgraded the internet on this computer and for whatever reason when I type, my words take forever to show up on the screen. Unfortunately, this is quite irritating, and it will cut this post short.

Last year, Mr. Incredible and I became parents, ever if our titles were short lived.

I was in awe of how quickly he took to being a dad. Here is my post from last year, and here is a post Mr. Incredible made about being a dad from last year as well. I just reread it as well, and it is a must read I promise!!

I am still in awe of what a great dad he became for Sweetpea immediately. I know many good and godly men who needed time to transition into their role, and some who still need much more time unfortunately.

He takes his role very seriously and he loves her so much! Thanks for being such an amazing Daddy!

Sweetepea has really started taking to him recently. She has always loved him, but now she is starting to reach for him and choose him at times. Let the parental rivalry begin! ;)
His favorite thing is for Sweetpea to do kissy lips. :) This is just for you, Daddy!

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