Monday, June 27, 2011

New Beginnings

Like the new header? :) I have always wanted a cartoon version of us, so I lifted this from my book. :) Sweetpea sure resembles her namesake, huh? :) {ps the illustrations were completed summer 09- before Sweetpea was born... pretty cool, huh?} :) (obviously my other computer is fixed, so if I owe you blog/photoshop work please remind me. :)

I threw a shower for my friend on Saturday- pics to come. :) As part of the decor for the shower, I took a few maternity pics of her, (official maternity shoot to come later when her bump gets bigger- she's 7 months y'all!).

As you can see, the theme of her shower was John Deere. :) And they are all out of order- you have blogger to thank for that. lol

I'm a photographer on the side, for more photos click on the Pennies on a Dollar Designs tab above. :)


  1. I love those! I wish we lived closer so you could do mine!

  2. Wow! You are definitely a professional photographer! Those pics are gorgeous!

    BTW, You owe me blog/photoshop work...LOL:)