Thursday, June 30, 2011

In John Deere Green

My computer is still doing that strange thing when I type- it took me about 60 seconds to type this sentence. SO, I will not say too much about the shower and will let the pics speak for themselves. {thanks Diyva for the pics!}

The 3 centerpieces

My first attempt at a diaper cake. I made it small because I didn't think I could do it. It was so easy- I will be doing it again later, with more diapers. :)

The theme of her nursery is Psalm 23 :)

Vanessa made the cake, and most of the food, (I did the round bales and the dirt cups) :)
All the John Deere stuff on this line I made, and everything else was from Vanessa :) In the center you will see camo overalls- she made them from scratch!
every little man needs a tie ;)

Made by me, brought to you by Cricut ;)
The hostesses, minus one. {remind me not to stand at that angle again}

Mr. Incredible did so much work at the shower, he should be in this pic too, though I don't think he would want to be considered a hostess. ;) Seriously though, Babe, you rock, and you once again earned your name, Mr. Incredible!

Sweetpea entertaining the crowd :)

Vanessa not only did the food, cake, clothes, but also made Brooke this diaper bag and pillow for her nursery!!

Trying to get Sweetpea to smile- we're getting there :)
I hope you enjoyed your shower, Brooke, and I can't wait to meet your little man!!

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  1. Oh my, my, my!!! If that is not the most BEAUTIFUL, CREATIVE baby shower I have ever seen!!! I absolutely love the centerpieces! You did a GREAT job!