Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mommy Knows Best

Well, we are going home today- I am just waiting to be released.

The final verdict: it is either decompresison or a concussion.

Decompression is a feeling that is felt when the cyst, (or anything in the brain), is going down and our brain gets used to it.

It also could be a concussion. Yesterday morning a neurosurgeon said it was all caused by "the concussion." I was not happy- I had at least 6 other neurosurgeons tell me that when she hit her head, it caused no damage. After 5 days of nothing of hte sort being mentioned, he is now certain it is a concussion. I did not feel comfortable. Thankfully, they called for and MRI.

The MRI was good so now I do feel comfortable going home. I really don't care wheter it was it decompression or a concussion- bottom line is her head looks good through the CT, Xray, and MRI.

My post from a few days ago praised God for having her hit her head. Knowing that this could have caused her vomiting, (concussion), do I still praise God?


I learned through all this that MOMMY KNOWS BEST! I KNEW I should NOT have gone home on Monday! I should have fought it. If I had stayed, she would have voimited on Tuesday AT THE HOSPITAL. We could have had the MRI sooner, and would have been sent home sooner. We would not have had to rush downtown in a panic.

The thought of her getting a concussion while I was holding her* may not be the most comforting thing as a mommy, I know it was all worth it.

1. we found that she needed an additional shunt to drain her cyst
2. I learned to stand up to Dr/Nurses no matter how inadaquate or anyoing I feel I am

This hospital stay, (as oppossed to the one in Feb), has been much harder on me. This is another reason to praise God. I have had more attention from people this time around than I had last time. God knew I needed the support this time. (Last time I had more people stay with me which was AMAZING- thanks Elise, Christina and Rebecca).

Prayers for Sweetpea's full recovery! The decompression/concussion has very similar symptoms to a shunt malfunction. So I really need the symptoms to go away, or I may be back and forth to the hospital, cause you do not mess with a shunt malfunction. Pray also for mommy as I try to get back to normal life- I feel like I need such a break!!

Praise God for Romans 8:28 and His soverignity!!!

*I was carrying her through the house and she leaned back a bit while I turned around while walking out of a doorway, and she bumped her head on the door frame.

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  1. Just checking back up on you guys...will continue to pray for little Sweetpea...thankful that you get to go home!