Tuesday, July 26, 2011

August 4th

August 4th 1986 I was born

August 4th 2010 we were officially certified as foster parents, and I requested a little black girl aged 0-3.

August 4th 2011 we get to adopt Sweetpea, and I turn 25, ya know, no big deal.

Just today I was making out my birthday wishlist,(for the benefit of my mom and hubs), and I kept coming across adoption stuff for Sweetpea and me. Now I know why. :)

We are having a party for her at our house Saturday August 13th. I told some of you the 12th, but it is the 13th! Literally, this and maybe a few emails is the extent of the invites. If you want to come I want you there! Even if you are a total blog stalker and you want to come, you are invited, (obviously I will need a reference of types to make sure you are indeed a blog stalker and not an actual stalker). ;) Serioulsy, if you want to attend, just comment here, facebook me, or email me, (triciakeierleber@ymail.com), and I will send you all the info you need!

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  1. Wish we lived closer...would love for Lydi to meet Sweetpea :) Congratulations! Lots to celebrate! God is good...