Tuesday, July 5, 2011

H 2 OH!

10 points if you get my title... I'll explain it in the end to help you out :)

We had quite the weekend. We cut our vacation short because we got a phone call from our neighbor- another neighbor hit our house.

Yes, he hit our house.

We came home to asses the damage. It wasn't too bad, and thankfully we were not home. Our neighbor is alright as well. He had a mini-stroke and blacked out at the wheel- prayers appreciated for his recovery.

While this experience was inconvenient on many levels, I am in awe of God's sovereignty and grace. Our street is always full of children and he easily could have hit one of them instead of our house. Praise God! We could have been home and could have been in his path. Praise God! The what-ifs and Praises are endless!

We need to get the interior inspected still, but it doesn't look too bad...
This crack goes up the entire side of our house...
Notice the" scars" on the plants...
This was completely knocked over and messed up...
Hard to tell, but this is a tire track

My title will make a little more sense in a second, I promise. :)

So I have been on the fence about my hair. This is no news to y'all. As you saw, last week, I had my BFF dye it brown for me cause the color was annoying me. I have zero patience, I tell ya. I planned on not cutting my hair until after Sweetpea's adoption. I made it a week...

Last night at 3 am, (after watching the Cosby show all night), I gave into temptation and gave myself bangs.

By 3:30, I cut it all off! I knew the worst thing that could happen would be that I would need to see a professional today. Luckily, I did not need to make said appointment yet. :)
Not too shabby, (excuse my camera phone and how rough I look- it was 4am).
With bangs pulled back :)
I cut off almost 10 inches, (would donate it if I could, but I can't)
Halfway through.... I usually don't do funny face pics, but seriously, I practically have a mullet here! lol

H 2 OH

I had two posts with H names, (house and hair)- so 2 Hs that make you go, "OH!" ;)

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  1. So brave! I think you should have kept the mullet look. LOL!