Sunday, July 24, 2011

The News You Need to Know

Thursday morning, Sweetpea woke up at 11AM only because I woke her up. She was back asleep before 1PM. I started to worry, and I took her to my mom’s house to let out her dogs, (yes, it was I who let the dogs out). teehee

Anyway, Sweetpea always gets scared and usually cries when she sees the dogs- nothing. Then I left her in the room by herself to test it out, and nothing, (she usually cries the second I begin walking away).

The lethargy and indifference worried me enough to take her to the ER. Her CT showed the cyst is still there, and since she had just had surgery they wanted to transfer her downtown for observation. She started showing signs of going down hill on Friday, but by the evening she seemed to be back to normal, (shunt failure is pretty rapid and doesn’t improve). So we were sent home.

In the last 5 months she has endured 3 surgeries for the cyst- WHY IS IT STILL THERE?

Well, I don’t remember what it was called, but basically her cyst has chambers. When it looked like the cyst went down a few months back it was the chambers shrinking, only for different chambers to fill now. Basically, she will always have this cyst. We will only operate if she goes downhill, because of significant growth/infection. While the cyst is large, it is stable. They will not bother it until it becomes unstable.

Now, besides having to watch her for shunt failure, I am also watching for this cyst. At least I know.


All of her paperwork was submitted and ready to go; we just needed a court date. Well, the judge had a tragedy so dates have understandably been postponed. We were told we could expect a date before mid-August. Pray we get a date soon!! I have already begun decorating for her adoption party and I would like to put a date on my calendar for it.

The party is open to anyone and everyone who knows us in person or just because of this blog. Consider this your invitation. :)

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  1. Praying she'll be stable...saw from your other post that you have a court happy for you!