Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Fabric of Our Lives

I couldn't sleep last night because of the anticipation I had over receiving these pics! Thanks so much Corey for taking them! I have been literally dreaming about getting a shoot in them, and now I have! :) I am in love, and I am considering redoing all of my decor just so I can display them all. Ok, so not really, well a little, but yes, I want to frame them all! :) I added a little artwork, (not that it was needed cause oh me oh my they were gorgeous, but I just like to get my photoshop on! lol).

Soon to be an 11X14 for my photo collage, (can you believe I haven't posted it yet- its been a few months since I made the collage- no worries, will remedy that soon)!
8X10? I don't know where I would put it, but I HAVE to have it somewhere! :)
If I didn't have a painting over my fireplace that I was in love with, you better believe I would be blowing this up to go there!
See, she cried the whole time lol
{this is the pic I took again just to complete the post}

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