Wednesday, August 17, 2011


The theme for Sweetpea's adoption party was going to be Fireworks, like from the song Firework. :) Well, you can't find many firework decorations- like none. I decided to add a rainbow theme. :)

The first three pics are out of order and my computer is being such a pain- it was dificult enough to do this post! lol

I can't beleive I do not have a better lit pic- notice the crayon banks :)


Better order begins now:

Yes, she is :)

The front door :)

Our entry way :)

Our entryway from the living room :)

Balloon banner- so much easier than it looks, and so great! Will be doing for every occasion :)

Not the greatest pics, but on top of the bracelets, I also had glow wands throughout the house :)

The tablescape :)

Finally something store bought with "fireworks!"

Peanut Butter and PB&J

Fruity Pebbles Treats :)

Fruit Loop Necklaces
Rainbow drinks, (Gatorade) :)
Rainbow pinwheels :)

Rainbow fruit :) Layered jello :)

The backside was less than perfect lol :)

The cake :)

LOVE! I will be doing suprise layered cakes for every occasion from now on :)

before icing :)

missing the crayons, but with better lighting :)

In my kitchen

Balloon wreath-one of two :)

Her first time painting on display :)

She's a firework! :)

The Keierleber Family

She decided to hug me :) Us with Sweetpea's former foster mom. She is AMAZING! She has fostered over 80 foster children over the years and more to come. :)

Us and Auntay :)

My baby sister with my best friend's baby :)


  1. Can I just say, you are BY FAR the best decorator for parties I have EVER met?!? Seriously! You take the cake (literally!)

    Someday for Elle's 3rd birthday or so I want to do this theme...such a fun idea!

    What recipe did you use to make the layers of cake? I'm assuming you used food coloring on white cake batter. Do you mind doing a tutorial or sharing tips? Such a fun idea!!!

    So sad I had to miss because Elle was napping :(

  2.'re pretty much amazing :)
    And Lydia would've LOVED this...
    So so happy for you!
    God is good!

  3. Everything looks so great!
    How fun is that cake!!!!

    Where did you get the balloon thing to make?

    Congrats on your new official family :)

  4. Once again you outdid yourself! What a fun looking pary!