Friday, August 19, 2011

How-to Cake and Balloons

I had some questions and comments about my cake and balloon banner, so here is how I did them. :)
I followed the instructions and tips from this blog. They tip about using foil changed my life! Oh, but I did not follow her advice about making my own icing- store bought for me, (3 packs of it).

I had 12 balloons of each color, (but the green either came out of the bad with holes or they popped as they were blown up, so there is less of the green).

I had found a blog that instructed me to sew together 4 balloons- I did that for red, orange, yellow, then I found another way to do it.

You tie two balloons together, then another two, (tie together the knotted parts of the balloons). Take the two sets and fold them together, (like you would for balloon animals), until they are connected. After you have all of your sets, connect each color group separately with curling ribbon, leaving ribbon hanging out of one side. When I had them all connected I connected each color to its partner in the rainbow, using the hanging ribbon. :)

Super easy and so worth it!

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