Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Nemo Update

Prayers have been answered for our sweet Nemo. God IS faithful. ALWAYS.
A year ago we were beaming with the knowledge of knowing we were getting Sweetpea, and dreaming of the possibility of adopting Nemo.

March we were finally given the ok to get him, and then a few days later we got bad news that left us with the tough decision to not take him.

Since that decision I have been praying that he get adopted. 1. I want him to be loved, and 2. selfishly it takes away my guilt for not taking him.

I know I should not have guilt since it was not God's will for us to adopt him, but I still felt guilty- until now.

He is being placed in a permanent home and it looks like a great fit for him. It is obvious that this was God's will from the beginning. It took almost exactly 6 months for me to see His will, but now that I do I am thankful.

Nemo was in my life for a reason. He was never intended to be my son, but God used him in many ways.

- Last fall I was called for 5 placements- 3 being newborns. I turned them down because of Nemo. Looking back there is no way I could have had a newborn with Sweetpea considering the year we have had.

-I was reminded to trust in God's will and my husband. I really wanted Nemo despite the reasons we decided to pass on him. I needed to trust Mr. Incredible, and I did. With Nemo being moved to a permanent home now- I couldn't have dealt with losing a son again, (which would have happened had he been in our home).

Since March, (well technically since I met him a year ago), I have had a pain in my heart- part of me was missing. Now that he is going where God wants him to go, I am finally at peace.

Romans 8:28 ♥

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