Friday, May 24, 2013

I Dreamed You Into Life

Two weeks, yes just two weeks, before I met Annie, I made this post. Go read it and then come back...I'll wait...

Ok, so as you saw in the post, we had requested a little black girl 0-3, (though I was hoping for a baby). We were contemplating the name Ann Marie, (obviously we did go with that name lol), and we had a feeling that our Ann Marie would look like her namesake, (who by the way was illustrated winter 08/09! A year before Annie was born).

I love looking back on all of this. Proof that Annie was meant to be ours even before she was conceived! I just read all of the August posts. *sigh* How quickly I forget the details and I'm so thankful for this blog!

Like every parent to be, we didn't have many dreams for our kids, other than we wanted them, immediately!

One thing I really hoped was that I would get a little girl, (check!), and that she would have a very similar personality to a sweet girl I knew, (I am pleased to say that she in fact has that awesome personality that Abby Ross has!).  Some things I wanted, but never really prayed for (like being like Abby). Music was one of them. I love music and it is very important to me. It was very clear, right away, that Annie too loved music. You want to make her happy, play music!

Another thing I never prayed for, but obviously desired, (who wouldn't!?), was how easy she is. From day one, (her foster mom told me age was like this since she was 4 months old), she was the easiest baby I'd ever met!

On August 9, 2010, when I made that piece of artwork, I had no idea how truly prophetic it would turn out to be.

It's no secret that, "I knew I loved HER before I meet HER,"

But looking back over the last over 2.5 years, it proves that, "I dreamed HER into life!"

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