Thursday, May 2, 2013

One Week! 7 Days! 168 Hours!

Exactly one week from now, (almost to the minute!) we will be landing in Boston! Annie, Brooke and I will be setting foot in my favorite city, (for them: the first time ever, for me: the first time in 3 years-oh how I've missed it!).

Everyday I'm shown more and more that we made the best decision inviting Brooke, and that she made the best decision coming along.  Sometimes you can't see God working in your life, and sometimes you're blessed enough to see everything as it if unfolding. I've been blessed to see God working in this trip in many ways  and I have no doubt this trip will be a huge blessing, (and though I've dreamed about it for years, it's going to be even better than I was planning).

There are people starving around the world and so it is hard to spend money on yourself for fun. Well, in 2010 our trip to Boston was more than just a trip and God made it clear it was right where he wanted us to be. I'm so excited this trip is also turning into more than just a trip for fun-it seems to be right where God wants us to be. I'm praying Brooke experiences not only the joy of Boston as a city, but also the blessings God had in store for us, (especially her) in this trip. (I dint day this often, but I can just feel it that we will be really blessed in Boston. I can feel God has big plans for us there)

I don't know why God used Boston to speak to me before, nor do I know why He chose it again to bless Brooke at this time. All I do know is that this is a big reason why I love Boston.

(here we are almost 2 years ago at her first baby shower (for son Wyatt). Please keep praying for her as she grieves the loss of her second child, Tristen. Grief is a lifelong journey- please do not forget her or think she "should be over it by now." She'll eventually be less heartbroken, less sad, but she'll never be over it. She's forever changed and needs to be loved through this grief!)


  1. I am counting down the days. I can't wait for our girls weekend. I am also amazed to see how God has worked. Love you sweet friend!

  2. GIve Boston some love for me when you're there ;)

    I'll be praying for all of you!