Friday, May 17, 2013

The Glitch

"Everyone says I'm a mistake, and I wasn't even supposed to exist!"

Vanellope von Schweets is a glitch on a game in the movie "Wreck it Ralph." I just love her above quote because it is so true of special needs kiddos. People believe they are mistakes that don't deserve life, (no, this will not be a rant about abortion, I promise...its a pretty exciting post actually!). (also, you must go buy WIR TODAY if you haven't, it's awesome!)

Annie loves Vanellope, and asked me to take their picture together. ;)

Anywho... Ready for some exiting news?!

Annie cannot feel below her knees. Like nothing! Some people will tickle her feet, and she'll giggle so they'll think she can feel, (when in reality, she just sees them and knows how to react to tickling).

Well, Wednesday she acted as if she did have some feeling, so last night I tested it. Without her seeing what I was doing, I bit down on her shin, and she actually felt it! Giggling, she said, "don't bite me mommy, it's not nice!" Then I gave her a second and then bit her foot, (the worst as far as sensation goes), and once again she giggled and told me not to bite her! She absolutely has feeling! Now, not enough feeling for the bite to hurt her, but enough to know what I was doing!

This morning I tested again, this time with a more delicate test. I held her foot ever so lightly in my hand, taking care not to move her leg (as not to give it away...also she couldn't see me). I asked her what I was doing and she said that I was holding her foot!

Then, as I was posting this, I decided to test yet again. I slipped my hand under the blanket so she couldn't see, and I pinched her foot. I asked her what I was doing, and she said, "you're pinching my foot!" Not only is she feeling me, but she can differentiate the different feelings!!

I know its not much, nor will it ever gain full feeling, but it's pretty cool none the less! Though it is a bit problematic...I have them do her blood pressure on her leg since she can't feel it. That trick is gone now, (not completely though since she has less feeling in her legs than her arms where she can feel 100%). Also she's a rock star with her braces and now that she has some feeling, it may cause her some pain? We shall see. :)

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