Saturday, May 18, 2013

Self Portrait

Annie loves her doodle pad! She received it for her birthday from Riley and Easton. The funny thing is that just the day before her party I realized how much she'd love one-how did they know?! :)

That was back in November- she has since demolished it! Isn't it nice to know that it was so well loved that I had to go buy a new one?! She has played with it everyday since November, (6 months now), sometimes for hours at a time!

Yesterday I found a pink one for her replacement! After buying it at the toy store, I let her bring it in the other stores to play with while I shopped and she played with it in the car on the way home!

If you couldn't guess, she played with it as soon as we got home too! She exclaimed, "I drew Annie!" I looked over and she had drawn her first ever smiley face (she has drawn bob and Larry before, but they were really circles with a few misplaced dots. This smiley face is more "anatomically" correct)! I told her Annie needed hair, and she added hair. :)

I loved drawing/coloring/doodling/painting as a child, and I think its safe to say she will too! I can't wait to see what masterpieces she makes for me over the years! :)

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  1. Nathan has a mini one that Olivia got him as a Christmas present. He has loved it for many months now :)