Tuesday, October 8, 2013


In more than one way...
First of all I have internet again! Y'all, it has been 8 months since we had internet in our house! This is why I have been lax in my blog posting. :( I have missed blogging so so much! Also, for those blogging friends of mine who I have been promising new headers- I am working on them at this very moment! :) It's good to be back!
Secondly, I have rejoined the land of the living.
I have not said much here because whenever I do open myself up like that I get nasty trolls commenting. Nice.
For years on this blog you can see me mentioning hormone issues that I needed to get checked out. Well, then May 2012 hit. I wrote a little about it here.
As you will see in the linked post, I assumed it was stress related. I did enough research to know I wasn't depressed. Then the symptoms multiplied:
From September to December, I got severely nauseated- couldn't get out of bed and took multiple pregnancy tests. Besides the nausea, I also felt really, really crummy. The best way to describe it is this: in February Annie got a virus which she gave to Paul and he gave it to me. A week of fever and feeling like death. Well, I didn't know I was sick until I took my temperature because I felt like that on a daily basis. Also in February, my memory was affected and that was really scary. At this time too, I began gaining weight like I never have before. fun. (and these aren't even all of my symptoms- I went to the dr with a short novel!)
I had heard enough about Lyme disease, and I had many of the symptoms. It was time to see a dr.
She confirmed I had high prolactin levels, and very low vitamin D. She tested me for thyroid issues, Lyme, and everything else under the sun. We started a very high regimen of vit D (50,000 IU 3x per week). My vit d began going up and she asked if I was feeling better. Nope. She was at a loss. She had no idea why I was still feeling bad.
Obviously I became discouraged. "Nothing was wrong" but I was sicker than I had ever been in my life. I couldn't get out of bed and I felt like death for over a year.
I kept taking my pills and kept trying to just survive.
Then in August, 6 months after starting the pills, I started having good days. I tried to tell myself that I was getting better. I was being positive and telling myself the pills were working. Well, I'd feel good for a day or two then back to feeling like death for a few days. Would I ever get better?!
Finally in September I noticed I went a full week of feeling normal, then a day feeling crummy. Wow, a whole week?! Then I got my September blood work back and it said both my prolactin and vit D levels were great. I would still have to take the vit d, but my numbers were good. I was also starting to feel better every day.
For the last week or so, I have felt ALIVE. I think I am finally better!
I am shocked it was only because of the vit D! I had heard how nasty low vit D could be, and my dr suspected it from the start, but she was at a loss why it took so long for me to feel better. I guess that explains why I felt so bad- since it took so long for me to feel better ya know? It must have been really bad!
One of the dance moms at Annie's dance class has Lupus. I was explaining my symptoms and she was sympathetic. Lyme and Lupus had terrible symptoms that I had not experienced, but there were those that I had experienced. That virus feeling that I lived with for over a year, she knew exactly what I was talking about. We had experienced the same thing there.  After almost 2 years of suffering and feeling very alone, I had someone who understood me! I also have a friend on facebook who experienced something similar to what I went through. It was priceless to me to know that I wasn't alone and I wasn't crazy.
Slowly but surely, I am picking up the pieces of my paused life. I can finally clean the house, (couldn't do more than 30 minutes of housework a day without completely overdoing it!), and I can start exercising again. Also, when I felt so terrible, I ate what made me feel better. You make think I am making this up, but I was forced to eat badly. Only certain foods, like ice cream, could make me feel well enough to do everyday things like grocery shop. I can't tell you how many times at Wal-Mart that I would have to take a break on a bench- y'all, I can't express how awful I felt. But now that I feel better, I have begun eating healthy again. It feels great! I'm excited to reclaim my body! There are also projects that have been on hold while I tried to survive. I'm excited to get those rolling!
I am reservedly optimistic. A year and half of feeling like death will do that to you. ;) For now, I am enjoying feeling alive again. I am cleaning the house, getting back in shape, and beginning my projects. Praying those dark days are over!


  1. I'm so happy you're feeling better and can't even imagine going through that!

  2. Girl! I knew you were feeling like crap but I didn't know it was that bad!

    I'm so glad you are feeling better. It is amazing to feel ALIVE after feeling like death.

    Been there, done that, and got the t-shirt. But you remember bc you were in bed with me for like three months!!!

    Enjoy life now my friend! You deserve it!

  3. Oh wow...that pic is GORGEOUS!