Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Throw Back Tuesday

First off, I may not be able to post daily here, but I am posting daily at my other blog, so if you are bored and want to read/see pics, check it out. :)
We went to the Dallas Arboretum to visit the Pumpkin Patch last October, and we will be returning there before the month is over. :) I can't wait!
  We had a blast- totally lost track of time spending 3 hours there! We had the trip planned for months, and it was worth eveything! I have been dreaming of returning since we left! :)
You will notice that the sun was super hot that day, (brightness not temp). I did what I could do, but obviously many of these pics would have benefitted from a few clouds. :) And I have not edited any of these yet.
It makes me almost sick to my stomach...she was 2 months away from turning 3, and now she is 2 months from turning 4. Time flies!

bad glare, but had to show the pumpkin house :)

Cinderella carriage was a must :)

As you can see from many of these pics, the sun was really bright, so we had to deal with it...
sun, sun, sun but still cute

Annie posed herself for these next two pics. We were so tickled, and were told my many on lookers that she was a model and we just got an amazing pic! :)



She loved the pumpkins and loved giving them hugs:)

The ridiculous cuteness of this pic is magnified by the fact that she posed herself. :)

too much sun...