Wednesday, April 9, 2008


MY CAMERA IS FIXED!!!!! I have been going CRAZY since November!!!!!!!

Crazy thing: I think there is a rabid raccoon lurking around our apartment! SCARY! I told the front office, but I don't think they will contact animal control. If Jersey gets rabies, I'll be sooooo angry!!!!!

Anyway, here are a few pictures of me and my son, Jersey! :) Hooray for up to date pictures!!!!!!

Here Jersey is watching a passerby... I love him... he is so cute...

Jersey and I have a game... he runs up to the flight of stairs ahead of me, and he sticks his head through the bars and gives me kisses... isn't it cute how he grabs for my hand...

Jersey IS human... see...he can stand upright! :)

Jersey lost his treat under the stove... he is SO cute!

Isn't he precious?

Mommy and me! :) (yes, we need to have a human child!) lol

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  1. So cute Tricia. I've been waiting for a post about your anniversary weekend. How did you like San Louie? Jersey is adorable.