Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I have missed my camera!!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures from today and yesterday...

I was trying to be creative... My Lobster's ring is around "Love never fails."

My mom got a new dog, Belle, here she is hiding from Jersey and Angelica, (my mom's other dog)

Belle and Jersey meet for the first time... she loved him right away... it took him a little bit... something about new puppies gets to all dogs I have noticed! :)

Look at that attitude! All I said was, "Where's Belle," and this was her response! lol

Sorry, but I had to put this on here, (for my mom to see at least). Jersey is smelling the grass, Belle is smelling Jersey and Angelica is smelling Belle... come on, this is pretty funny!

We went for a walk and Jersey just KNOWS what "backgrounds" will make a good picture... he loves posing! :)

See, cool background, cute pose! :)

Jersey and Daddy!

Please excuse the hideous jacket... I needed pockets... this thing is like 3 sizes too big...

I am in love with this picture! Pretty cool, huh?

My Lobster spotted a tractor and wanted to show it to Jersey... I said ok only so I could get a pic... yes, I know, we need a baby! :)

A few posts ago I had a picture of me and Jersey's game... well, this is his and Daddy's game... Jersey looks through the steps to My Lobster below... there Daddy extends his hand up and Jersey gets to give kisses... when Daddy isn't home it is kinda sad when Jersey looks for him and realizes he is not there to kiss!

As I am gushing over my husband and child ;) I am listening to my i tunes, and "None like you" is on... Seriously... No matter how much I love My Lobster, or Jersey... there is none like Jesus and He is ALL I need! I am continuously working to put Christ first in my life. I always tell My Lobster  and Jersey how much I love them, (don't laugh, I do talk to Jersey), but do I tell Jesus enough that I love Him! NO! I will always fall short of that, I know... but I am making a conscious effort to do so!

"There is none like You! No one else could touch my heart like You do! I could search for all eternity long and find, there is none like YOU!"


  1. Great pics Tricia! I like the tractor one.

  2. too funny! Yes the photo of the 3 dogs is classic! Lucky for you you were able to snap it time!

    love MOM

  3. I love your pictures!! I didn't think anyone else took as many pictures of their pet as I did! I tell Jeremy all of the time that I am afraid of how Lola is going to act around our kids because we have spoiled her so much!!