Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mr. Bigglesworth?

Yes, this is my precious Jersey... who only 2 posts and 6 hours ago, was so adorable. Since Texas summer is so unruly we had to shave him for his own comfort! He loves it, but he is a little ashamed that he resembles Mr. Bigglesworth from Austin Powers!

Jersey is the sweetest dog in the history of the universe! I can put my mouth up to his when he is eating and nothing... I can take stuff out of his mouth and nothing! He has only growled twice in his whole life... the vet and the groomer. Well, today at the groomers he went over so peacefully. I go to pick him up and the groomer says that he has angry issues! WHAT? My little angel? He just wasn't happy. I also think that since they were so stressed (the other groomer quit) that they didn't take their time to calm him.

Anyway, he is still the greatest dog in the history of the world! Even if he does look like Mr. Bigglesworth! :)

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  1. Awww, he's still cute. He reminds me of a dog my grandparents had named Stormy who was an Alaskan spitz. He always got shaved in summer too.