Friday, April 4, 2008

There's holes in the floor of Heaven ♥

So it looks like we will hit Tstorms in Galveston! Well, on the bright side, We paid good money for the resort room, and we will get our money's worth! :) We are celebrating our anniversary, so being stuck inside is no problem if you catch my drift... ;)

PS, it also rained on our wedding day, good luck right? Well, my sister died 6 months before our wedding, so I remembered the song, "There's Holes in the floor of Heaven." It made me think of Tracie and it made me smile, and I was thankful that it rained.
Well, Sunday we were opening presents and I came to a card my G'ma wrote me back in 2002. That was the year she died... knowing she would not see me get married, she wrote me a wedding card... well since my sister had just died, I assumed I would not get weepy over my G'ma's card... it had been almost 5 years, so it was easier to deal with than my sister. Well, I opened the card and guess what was the first thing I read... "There's holes in the floor of Heaven!" I teared up, and I was SO THANKFUL that it did rain on our day. If it hadn't then her card would have been sweet, but not as meaningful... BUT since it did rain, and the card was written 5 years prior, it was just another sign that there IS a GOD, and He is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!


  1. Wow Tricia~I have goosebumps everywhere just reading this!!Isn't so amazing how God works? He is a big enough God that no matter how small of a detail we think our lives are he is there ...right there to always show us he is ever present! I have always LOVED that song..Holes in the floor of Heaven. Man,there are some tears a flowin when I hear it. I am so very sorry that your sister&grandmother passed away. I cannot imagine what losing your sister must have been like for you. You all have a wonderful anniversary weekend and if it rains you will stillhave fun!!*wink,wink* God Bless~Alison

  2. Beautiful post! Who wrote that song? I would like to hear it.

  3. Thanks for the comment! That is cool you were a competitive cheerleader! Cassidy has danced since she was 3 yrs old and competed for about 4 years now. Its fun! Catherine is too young to compete but has taken dance for 2 years now...she LOVES it. Did you and your hubby have a good anniversary weekend? We got rain for 4 straight days here in Tennessee so today was awesome. It was 72 and SUNNY!! Happy Anniversary tomorrow!!