Saturday, September 27, 2008

Jersey's 2nd Bday!


Jersey's birthday cake...
Come on, how cute is that...
Last year the dog cake had straighter hair, and that was the around the same time his hair began to curl. Now it is always curly, when longer. I was so excited that they made it with curly hair now! :)
Daddy wants to make this for his 3rd birthday next year. :) Look for invites! ;)
Excuse Daddy's 5 year old smile... he was a little perturbed that I kept taking pictures... still cute though... look at Jersey!
Jersey got to eat the red ribbon cause he had great disdain for the cake people assuming that he would wear a bow! He is a boy!!! ;)
YUMMY!!! See the red icing on Mommy's fingers.
Daddy and Mommy about to tear into it! It was SO yummy!!! We got it from Walmart and surprisingly it was REALLY GOOD!!! It tasted like an expensive wedding cake, (it had butter cream icing). I think I will try them again for my next cake needs! :)
Yum! It was 2 cupcakes decorated as Jersey! :) It was Mommy's last hoorah since she wants to be healthy after her above ordeal! :)


  1. wow, thank God you're ok! I'll be praying for you!

  2. last year I had the same problem and my whole left arm was numb and would tingle. I had 2 MRIs and they found a neurofibroma (a tumor) on my spine. Luckily it all turned out okay, and I will be fine. I know how scarry things like this can be! Please keep updating with your progress :)

  3. Oh my goodness! Like Karina said, thank the Lord you're all right! And you're completely right, if going to Tracie's walkathon stresses you out, you shouldn't go. And yes, keep us posted. I hope it doesn't turn out to be anything seriously wrong.

  4. That's so scary! I can't wait to hear what your doc has to say about this. Please keep us posted.

    Stop worrying so much about what others think. You just live your life according to what you believe is right. Remember your audience of One. I doubt anyone is going to be mad at you for not going to the walkathon.

    Love ya,

  5. adorable cake! happy birthday jersey! you are so cute.