Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11, 2001

I figured to commemorate 7 YEARS, (what?!), since 9/11, I would share my accounts of that day. We all have a story of that day, so I will share mine! :)

I was a sophomore in high school and I had broken my foot. Since I was on crutches I had a pass to leave class 5 minutes early so I could get to my next class before "traffic" began. When I arrived to my 2nd period class, the 1st period was finishing their exit. I went to my seat and a straggler talked to me and my teacher. He said that a plane hit the world trade center. We said how crazy that was and then he went on his way. I thought that was bad, but I imagined a private little plane, like a 4 seater or something accidentally crashing. Class began as usual and no one else really had heard about the accident. About 5 minutes into class the principal came over the speaker and said for teachers to check their email. Hmmm, thats weird. My teacher read out the email as she was instructed and told us about the plane crash. Then she turned on the tv as she was instructed and there we saw the twin towers in flames, and we watched the second plane hit the towers. Ok, this IS bad! We did nothing in that class but watch the tv, and I think it was in that class that we watched the towers fall. The bell rang and I stayed late because I was glued to the tube. I couldn't leave these people. Finally I went to 3rd period and that is where we learned they were commuter planes. OK, REALLY BAD. Then a few minutes later we learned that the Pentagon was hit. Ok, I was scared at that point. I kept saying, "isn't the Pentagon practically invincible?" When fourth period came they turned off the tvs. I was NOT HAPPY! I wanted news!! I don't remember the rest of the day, except cheer practice was canceled and so I went home with my bf at the time. At his house his little sister was in 1st to 3rd grade... memory foggy there. I sat with her at the tv and tried to explain everything to her. The rest of the week I wore everything red white and blue I could find! I was so sad for the victims, but so proud to be an American!

7 months later my dad took me to New York. I was SO excited! It was my second time to go, but this time I would get to see NY post 9/11. We had to have tickets, (free but you had to have them none the less) to see Ground Zero. I was SO disappointed!!! BUT, we drove past it and they had fencing up and when you drove past it you could see through it, ya know what I mean? So I DID see Ground Zero just not on the platform like others. On that platform, which I stood next to but not on, there was a man playing Amazing Grace and patriotic songs on a bag pipe. WOW! Emotional! Actually, when you get about a block from Ground Zero, a strong emotion hits you. You just know you are close. There was a church near ground zero that was fenced in and the fence was covered with children's paintings, drawings and cards for the victims. BEAUTIFUL! My dad got a really cool shot of me looking at the stuff, but it was not digital, so I will have to scan it one day! :) The month before this trip, NBC aired a documentary and the filmmakers caught everything on tape. What had happened was this: two French brothers spent a few months at Engine 7 Ladder 1 in NY to document the life of a rookie fireman. I have this at home if you ever want to see it. YOU WILL BAWL!!! One of the brothers actually caught the first plane hitting... no one else has that footage. (the firehouse is a block from the WTC). Anyway, I could write for days about the film.... when we were at ground zero I told my dad I wanted to go the that firehouse. From the film we knew we were close and we knew it was located by a Staples. Sure enough we found it. I wanted to go in SO badly, but thought they would think I was a nut job! My dad caught one of the guys outside and asked if we could go in. Of course he let us in. I got to meet and talk with 8 different FDNY!!! They said that they were still working around the clock and pulling out thousands of body parts daily... this is 7 months after 9/11! This meeting with NY's bravest was one of my most treasured memories EVER! ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!!! I had a FDNY sweatshirt that I had them all sign and it is framed now. :)

Let us NEVER FORGET what happened today! What a tragic day, but what Grace God showed too! So many miracles occurred in the midst of the devastation! God is AMAZING, even in the darkest times! Well, ESPECIALLY in the dark times! :)


  1. I'm so glad ya'll are heading out of town. Besides your safety, it's a good excuse to visit your dad. We are planning on staying at home. Give is a call and let us know how ya'll are and when ya'll will be coming back. We love ya'll!

  2. WOW you're totally right, our stories are really similar!! Except how awesome that you actually got to meet some of these heroes... what they did was truly awe inspiring. Thanks so much for linking your blog and your story- it's very touching. And I'm glad y'all got out before Hurricane Ike..I hope there wasn't too much damage!