Friday, September 26, 2008

Jersey's First Birthday Party 9/07

Last September, Jersey celebrated his first birthday is style: he had a birthday party. We had it a Lost Creek Park, and he had 13 dog friends come! Quite the turn out. We invited quite a few more, but if there were too many, it might not have gone so smoothly. :) It was poring earlier that day so I was worried that we would have to cancel! NOPE! We were able to celebrate, despite the humidity! ugh!

I just got these pictures last night, (my camera was broken), and tomorrow Jersey will be 2! We will have pictures of that celebration too! (Just with Mommy and Daddy, but it will still be celebrated)! :) Pictures to come! :)Jersey and I are opening presents. His Taunt put a bone on his bag and so while I was opening his other gifts, he enjoyed that treat! This picture completely melts me! C was talking the picture, and it looks like Jersey is saying, "What, like you wouldn't? Shhh, don't tell Mommy!" Oh, and he looks filthy, but he really isn't that dirty... when he gets wet he looks dirty...
 We love these kiddos! She took the majority of the pictures! :)
. Do you see the Maltese cake? We are getting another one for tomorrow! :)

I feel TERRIBLE!!! People actually brought presents to the party! I was NOT expecting that, but it was so sweet! I had thank yous made up and everything. We didn't have a printer hooked up, and all of a sudden it is a year later, and I still didn't send out thank yous! I am just the worst and I am SO sorry! Thank you though! :)

Happy early birthday to my precious puppy! He brings us so much joy... way more than we ever thought possible! :)


  1. Happy birthday jersey!! Thanks for the story it really brightened up T day. Oh and good luck with the house atff today!

  2. OMG..that was cute & funny. I'm not necessarily a dog lover but K is. I like them but don't want all the work. K wants a dog, he says, "All boys need a dog." However, I know that the mama of the house ends up taking care of the dog if the kids are still too little to do it. Who knows...I may one day give in esp after always seeing how cute Jersey is. :-)