Wednesday, October 8, 2008

House Update: It's a SMALL World!

We went to The Kingdom tonight and we saw that everything is set for our foundation to be poured!!! YEA!!! We will have a foundation before we know it!
Sorry, we went when it was dark, but if you look close you will see the piping, and all the other stuff that goes into a foundation, (PK is in the gym so I can't ask him all the technical terms). ;) You are looking at the piping for our master bathroom! :)

In some crazy small world news...

My mom told me that one of my parent's friends, (Randy), had just bought a house in our neighborhood. Small world, right? Well, tonight right after we took the above picture our next door neighbor pulled up, so we decided to meet him. Who walked out of the truck? Randy himself! Wow!!! Him being in our neighborhood made us say, "what a small world," but for him to live NEXT DOOR... WOW!!! We really like him, and we are so thankful that we have a great next door neighbor and great across the street neighbor. Now we are just praying that our neighbor on the other side of us will be awesome too! :)

PS, I got the pics from my MRI, and from what I could see it looked normal. Yes, I am no Dr., but if I had a tumor or something that obvious it would have shown up. So I won't find out the actual results till next Wednesday, but from what I could see it looked normal, or at least there was nothing obviously wrong! :)

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  1. Praise God, let's hope that we will continue to have good news. Glad the MRI looks good so far.