Monday, October 6, 2008

Motherly Thoughts

Today I was blessed to join the playgroup from our Church on a trip to Dewberry Farm. It was a blast!!! Thank you all for sharing your little ones with me. Kristi and Caryn, we missed y'all today and wished y'all were there. (C, Happy Bday and K, Calvin P was saying how he wishes Abigail was still here at Church on Sunday). :)

Of course you will again see my blog starlet, Julia "JuJu." This picture doesn't seem like much, but when you see it big, you just melt! :)
JuJu again. I accidentally taught her a funny face some months ago, and I wanted to get her to do it on camera. She wouldn't but she gave me a pretty shot anyway! :)
Once again, a shot that doesn't seem like much, but really look at it... PRECIOUS! :)
JuJu spying on the duckies! So cute!
Emily was looking in at the baby chicks... so sweet, huh? :) This little girl looks like the Olsen twins when they were babies... except 50 times cuter and minus the slight monkey resemblance! :)
JuJu's big sister, Gloria. Her blog debut! Such a beautiful shot... she's lookin at the pigs! :)
I am in love with this picture of JuJu... the lighting was SO dark, I had to lighten it. Unfortunetly, it was so dark that I couldn't lighten it enough, but I think you can still see how beautiful it is! :)
This pic is cute, but a million times cuter when looked at in the bigger size. This was during an almost traumatic slide experience, but hey, we got a great shot! ;)

Being with these kiddos showed me something about being a parent, at least for me. I know it will be hard and stressful and I am not naive.... I cannot wait to have kids! I guess it is just the way God made me. I am so care free and stress less around kids. I love kids and they just bring me so much joy. I don't know, but I think that joy way out weighs the stressful times! I love my husband and I always will, (yes, even more than my children), but I am ready for us to be parents. Everybody says to wait and enjoy each other. Why can't we enjoy each other and kiddos?!?! I love seeing Daddies with their kiddos. That would totally make me fall even deeper in love with PK every time I saw him with our kids! People always say how hard it’s going to be, etc, but honestly I am ready. I truly, truly feel that this was one of the main reasons that God put me on this earth: to be a Mommy. This is one of, if not the most high callings in my life. Am I making sense? I'm on a little bit of a rant I guess. I get a little irritated when people tell me to wait, (not the people who truly care about me and are just giving advice), but the people who seem like they would actually change things if they could. Not any of my readers of course, but I think it is so sad that people think they are missing out on life because they have kids! Hey, ENJOY THE BLESSING! :)

I am patient because I know the timing is up to God, but I am just thrilled that our time is approaching soon! After we make our first house payment, (which is about a month after we close), we will see where we are financially and then decide when to begin the adoption process. We are both so excited about this!


  1. Yes, we wish we were there too!

    Children definitely are blessings! Your children will be even more blessed to have you & Paul as parents in God's timing!