Tuesday, October 7, 2008

More from the Farm...

Real quick, my MRI is tomorrow, so please pray that if there is anything to find, that they do!

Oh, and guess what I did today? I ran a whole mile without stopping or dying!!! Meaning, I could have kept going, but my goal is to enjoy running so bringing my self to exhaustion is not a good idea so I quit while I was ahead! :) Maybe Thursday I will go further? ;) For most of you 1 mile is not much, but if you know me at all then you will know that this was a feat that deserves celebration! :)

Ok, Kristin gave me pics she took yesterday at Dewberry Farm, and she got lots of shots of me and JuJu! :) Here are my 2 favs...

Here we are on the hayride on the way to the pumpkin patch. She was very tired if you cannot tell by her expression. I felt special because she wanted me to hold her... 5 minutes later she wanted Mommy! :)
Love this! Kristin had just let out a large, "awww," and had to take a pic. I am glad she did. JuJu was alert and looking around then decided to lay on me! :) (yep, then wanted Mommy). I think you can tell by my face how happy she makes me. She makes me feel so special and loved! I love her as well as the whole Glass family! :)


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  2. Good job on running a mile!! You look good in these pics... a true natural mommy to be! Please do let me know the results of your MRI!!

  3. you will be an amazing mother one day! precious pictures...