Sunday, May 17, 2009


UPDATE: He seems fine, but lets still lift him up in prayer! :)

Andrew's stroller was knocked over at Church today and he hit his head on the tile. He seems fine, but you can never be too careful with head injuries! Pleas pray for this little boy and his family, and I will keep you posted when I get news!

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  1. Thank you SO very much for your prayers and concern for Andrew! We just got back from the ER and they said that he looks alright and to just keep an eye on him for change in behavior, vomiting, etc. While I would obviously rather not go through such a scary situation, I'm grateful that God had His hands on the situation and we were once again reminded what an incredible church family we have at Cornerstone. Praise the Lord he brought us home- to Cornerstone:) Everyone's love and support has meant the world to us! Thanks again Tricia! xoxo