Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Veggie Tales

If you remember this post, you will know that we LOVE Veggie Tales! We have all but two in the whole series. That is all we watch anymore. They say they are "fun for the whole family," and that couldn't be more true. They are funny for kids, and yet they have some more mature humor for parents to enjoy too. Now I am not talking Shrek mature humor... it is 100% clean, innocent, humor. We just love it! We just bought Gideon the Tuba Warrior, and I have to say that it is our favorite OF ALL TIME!
Every Veggie Tales is a lesson, and this one is a lesson in trusting God! Y'all, I cried, a couple times. Ok, I got chocked up and teary eyed a couple times. Still, it is a kids' show, and I got THAT emotional. That is how good it is!

I HIGHLY recommend Veggie Tales! Like, go NOW to your local Christian bookstore and buy some... Gideon is a good beginner for your collection- it is our favorite! :)


  1. We like the Gideon DVD too! Also, the story about George Mueller at the beginning is great!

  2. That is my favorite part! Is it sad that seeing veggie orphans made me teary eyed? seriously. lol God gave me such a burden for orphans that it overflows into cartoons. :)