Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Birthday Glo Glo!

My little Glo Glo is 5 years old, as of yesterday! I CANNOT believe it! I told Paul as we were leaving her party yesterday that I FINALLY understand how parents feel... hear me out: I KNEW she was turning 5. I KNEW she was going off to Kindergarten in the fall. I KNEW she could ride her bike without training wheels. I KNEW she already lost her first tooth. Apparently though, yesterday when it was official, I FORGOT EVERYTHING. All I could remember was babysitting her as a baby, and particularly I remembered her first birthday. It fell on Mother's Day that year, and I found it pretty special that Kristin's first Mother's Day was Glo Glo's first birthday! So yesterday, all I could think about was baby Glo Glo. Umm hello!? I knew her more as a big girl than I ever did as a baby, but for some reason those memories came flooding back yesterday! I turned into the blubbering aunt like figure that tears up at the thought of her baby growing up! lol

Seriously though, Glo Glo: Mr. Paul and I, (and Jersey too), love you very much, more than you could imagine! We are so proud of the girl you are and are becoming! We are so blessed to be able to watch you grow! Happy Birthday Glo!

Now for some super cute pics from the party! Misc Mer, take a note... cute party idea ahead... ;)

Just to warn you: my battery was dying so some pics are fuzzy or too dark/ too light, etc. They were too cute not to post! Consider yourself warned...

My present to Glo. It was the Veggie Tales Wizard of Oz movies. (Surprised)? ;) I liked the wrapping so I put it on here... lol

Abby Ross playing with bubbles. Click here to see pics of this little cutie's 1st birthday party from a year ago... my how Ju Ju and her have changed! :)

Abigail and Ju Ju, BFF ♥
The birthday girl! It was a Luau Sleepover! Isn't she beautiful?
Misc Mer, this one is for you! To keep with the Luau theme, Kristin made these little kabobs... Tomatoes, Pineapple, and Chik fil A nuggets. Can I get a "how cute!" (She had so many other cute things too, but this was my favorite)!
Ummm yeah. I caught the most beautiful picture of Ju Ju in the history of the world! Completely by accident mind you, but still!!! :)
Abby again! She is soooo precious and hilarious! I am so thankful to have them back in Texas! I am so excited to watch her grow too! :)
Ok this is really fuzzy, but it is really funny. During the limbo, Abby could stand fully erect and walk under the limbo bar- even on the lowest rung. BUT after watching everyone bend backwards she decided she need to too. See her chin on her chest and her arched back? It was sooo cute!
Glo Glo and Ju Ju's cousin Andrew. I pulled out the camera and he started hamming it up... first a sweet, (umm freakin' adorable) smile...
... then a (freakin' adorable) hammed up smile! Oh, I just love this little guy too!

Ok, I love all the kiddos on this blog post. Get used to my gushing if you have not yet!!! ;)

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