Thursday, May 7, 2009

See Any Resemblance?

My dad was adopted and this is my birth grandmother, Ann. (My childrens' adoption book, that is being published as we speak, stars a little girl named Ann Marie... Marie is my grandma- so it is a tribute to my dad's adoption). :) My Aunt KK, who is also adopted, told me that I resembled Ann, so she sent me a pic of her from 1998 when my dad went to meet her. I totally agree! Do you see the resemblance? I will let you look and then scroll down and I will tell you what I see...

ok, look really close, then scroll... this is probably fun for you Mom, considering you and I look identical. lol Aren't genetics CRAZY!!!

My whole life I have had thin lips... thinner than anyone else... Tracie, Taylor and my mom have fuller lips. I TOTALLY have her lips! Yes, I smile bigger, but look closely...I think we have the same nose... Lastly, and I am scared to admit this- I think I have her chin! :/

Oh, I showed this pic to Paul and asked if he saw resemblance, and he agreed about the lips and nose. :)

My dad has her eyes, (always thought so)... her eyes are blue and his are brown, but I mean the shape is the same. I obviously do not have her eyes! lol

I also have the recessive gene in the family for blonde hair, (yes I color it now, but for more 13+ years it was natural)! Where did it come from? Both my grandmas, (mom's mom and dad's mom, obviously), had/have blonde hair, (I clarify had because my grandma's on my mom's side wasn't always blonde- like mine). :)

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