Monday, November 30, 2009

Its beginning to look a lot like...

Here are our indoor decorations- outdoor to come soon! :)

Jesus is the reason for the season. ♥

Daddy, Mommy....
Our future kids and Jersey... :)

ignore the bags and boxes in kitchen... :)

Picture to be in frame soon! ;)

This is our 3rd Christmas married. ♥
Our motto for adoption- look up the legend of the starfish :)

We will be adopting from all over the world

I caught Jersey sleeping like this... he opened his eyes when I turned on the light... He sleeps with a pillow- he is so not a dog! lol
Another day, cuddling with Daddy- Daddy gave his, "I'm a 3 year old smile." CHEESE indeed. :) Yes, we love him too much. No, we do not care. :)

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