Wednesday, December 2, 2009

All in His timing...

{this maybe a little long, but it is worth the read... it gets pretty fun in the end... }

So yeah, if it were up to me, we'd adopt today.

It is not.

The reason I began working again was so we could pay off my car and save up for Africa. We could afford all that before, but now we can afford it MUCH quicker!

So here was MY timeline: 6 months have the car paid off and start the adoption process.

Here is God's....

You see, when we thought we were moving to California, we bought tickets to visit in January. We have since decided to cancel the trip. First of all, I didn't really want to go if we were not moving there. You know- rather not know what you are missing out on. BUT, we were gonna go and enjoy nice vacay- go to Disney since it wasn't a key travel time etc. BUT, we do not have money saved up that we wish to blow at the moment. We have money saved up, but that is just it- it is being saved. You see, we are HUGE fans of Dave Ramsey. We no longer have credit cards, so we can't just go with the flow when it comes to buying things- this is the way it should be! So we decided that instead of having to forgo Christmas decorations and pinch pennies until our trip, that we would postpone it.

How is this about God's timing? Keep reading...

We canceled our flight, but we still have to use the tickets. Paul suggested to go on a trip for our 3rd anniversary in April. OK!!! :)

Here is where it is about God's timing. That is about the time I wanted to have the car paid off and begin the adoption process. Well, we will be gone for 6 days... no matter where you go it is not cheap to be gone that long. Hotel and train fare alone will be over $800. That does not include food, entertainment, etc. Why train fare... in a minute... ;) So you see, since we have to take this trip- it will push back the adoption process.

UMM, not cool. For one minute I was super excited about the trip and the next I was near depressed at the thought of having to spend that much money on just a trip.

Then I got to thinking. 1. Maybe this is God's way of making us wait a little longer. It is His timing anyway. 2. Once we do adopt, we will not be able to take these kind of trips much anymore.

So, we are going to enjoy our 3rd anniversary celebration and use it as our Babymoon too.

It is still painful to spend this kind of money on ourselves, but I have decided that we will enjoy ourselves. And yes, I actually have to remind myself to be excited... otherwise, I will be bummed... When we get home we will focus on the adoption, and the next plane we board will be to AFRICA!!! ♥

Ok, so where are we going??? The plan now, (which I hope does not change) is... well, actually let me tell you what we thought about doing before I tell you what we will most likely do...

  • A week in Washington DC. We love America and history, and I love DC. It is just as expensive as what we have decided to do, and what we decided to do seems much more fun to me so this was nixed.
  • Disney World. Ok, this would have been over $2,000... yeah, I can pass... lol
So we have pretty much decided on the trip that I wanted to take on our Honeymoon, (but we cruised instead). As I said before we love America and history. So we are going to go to Boston, Philadelphia, and New York!

Here is the tentative itinerary

April 6- land and explore Boston

April 7- Explore Boston, Red Sox game and celebrate 3 years!!! - ok, it is the 2nd game of the season and it is against the YANKS! The tickets are more than I would usually spend, but honestly, who could pass on that game?

April 8- Check out of Boston hotel, have lunch, and then take train to Philadelphia and explore

April 9- Explore Philadelphia and in the evening take train to Manhattan

April 10- Explore Manhattan

April 11- Explore Manhattan

April 12- Explore Manhattan and fly home

I have always and will always love the Astros first and foremost, but I am secondly a Sox fan. I think I am drawn to their history and the love the city has for them. It is irresistible. I knew if I ever went to Boston that I HAD to catch a game at Fenway. AND it is against the Yanks- too perfect!!! I also can't wait to see all the historic sites Boston and Philadelphia have to offer. I have been to New York twice, but this will be Paul's first time. I can't wait to see him experience its "magic." :)

Oh, and neither of us have traveled by train, so we are kinda excited to do that too... and maybe the subway in NY.

OK, to my northern friends... don't spoil it by saying these means of travel are not that great. We are easily amused, and our ignorance about these means will make them fun for us! lol ;)

As I said before, I have decided to enjoy myself, and wait patiently for God's perfect timing. Ok, the patiently part will come eventually.

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  1. It seems like you are in a wonderful season, and will no longer be able to enjoy y'alls married-with-no-kids independence for at least 18 years after you adopt your last child! I pray that you can be genuinely and whole heartedly be excited for your trip and ok with God's timing!