Monday, December 20, 2010


When I started this post, it had been one week since Kaitlyn joined Jesus in Heaven. Her parents are mourning but at peace with God at the same time. Praise God for that! Please keep praying for them!!!

It is hard for me to transition from Kaitlyn to something less meaningful- which is why I haven't posted much this week.

Today however, marks one year since Sweetpea went to the hospital, (to spend 3 months there). We are so thankful for what the doctors did for her, but selfishly I am thankful for this: She was alive for last Christmas, (her technical first), but she was in the hospital. SOOOOO THIS Christmas is really her FIRST! :)

This is her first Christmas and our first Christmas with her! We are busting at the seams!! I will post a little more later this week- we finally left the stone age and got smart phones so I haven't turned on my computer in days. ;)

Last week my mom and I got Sweetpea's ears pierced. Enjoy. ;)

She cried the WHOLE time- like when they cleaned her ears and put the dots on- little turkey!
I usually don't hold my daughter's face like this, but she always moves right before you take a pic- so the piercing was no different. It is one thing for her to move when I am trying to get a pic- it is another when there is a gun on her ear...
The second they were done piercing, I stood up from the chair and she immediately stopped crying. Did I mention she has the manipulative cry down? See my phone? About 30 seconds after this pic was taken she dropped it- hence why we have new phones. ;)

Posts to come- Our First Annual Christmas Eve Tradition and Christmas of course. ;)

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