Thursday, December 9, 2010

Please Pray

Last night our friends' little girl, Kaitlyn Olivia, died suddenly. She had a cold so they took her to the doctor. They cleaned out her nostrils and put her to bed, and found her cold and not breathing this morning. We are heartbroken. Please pray for her mom and dad.

I almost forgot to mention that mom is about 22/23 weeks pregnant. Pray for her especially right now. We need to keep mommy and her little boys safe!!

Please leave comments of encouragement or prayers and I will let them see them when they are ready to.
Kaitlyn in March 2010

Kaitlyn with Mommy and Daddy April 2009.


  1. Oh Tricia- this is breaking my heart. I am crying right now. I am so sorry, I will pray for them and the rest of their family.

  2. oh my goodness! tricia! i cant even begin to imagine what they are going through! how sudden and tragic.... ill be praying for them to find as much peace and strength as possible!