Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wet Wednesday Workday

It is raining and nasty today. Perfect weather to actually get some housework done. First of all, we still have not sent out Christmas cards- I AM DOING THAT TODAY!!! lol Also, back in October when I pulled my back muscle, I was about to begin many projects that have since been put on hold. Now that my back is pretty much healed and Sweetpea and I have gotten used to our schedule, I think I can finally get to work again. Before this Cinderella heads off to do her chores, ;) let her share with you some pics from yesterday:
On Christmas Eve, Sweetpea learned how to clap. She always had her own form of clapping but now she can properly clap. She is so proud, as are we. :)
Seriously Mom, another photoshoot?
Do you like my penguin headband and shirt and my boyfriend jeans?
Her go to cheesy smile :)
A better view of her headband
Bolt does get a bit jealous of Sweetpea getting all the attention, case in point. ;)
Sweetpea Beauty with her namesake. ;)
She is scared of baby dolls and stuffed animals- she will just cry until you take them away from her. Not Sweetpea Beauty, she loves her...
Well, she REALLY loves playing with that tag, but at least she is not afraid of the doll! lol
Bolt loves his new bone so much that he decided to bring it with him everywhere...
Ok, so it was an accident, but it was so funny seeing him drag it around the house! I untied him after this pic obviously. :)

Alright, if you see the singing/talking birds and mice, I could really use the housework help today- or the Fairy Godmother would do nicely too. I don't need a prince, (I already have one), I could just use some Bippity Boppity Boo to get the cleaning done! ;)


  1. she is SOOO cute! i could eat that little "cheesy" smile up!

  2. kids LOVE tags on everything! It's the little things in life...