Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Love, True Love

We are completely smitten with Minnie! I have purchased everything I posted about yesterday, (except for the furniture, I have to save up for that). :)
Today we went shopping, and we went to Walmart to buy the Minnie pillow pet, (It is the cheapest there. Though it is sold out on their website, there are plenty in both the Walmarts I have been to recently).
When I picked up Minne, Sweetpea put down her food to cuddle her! She cuddled Minnie all the way to the check out. After the cashier scanned her, she handed her back to Sweetpea who promptly returned to cuddling her. She cuddled her all the way to the car. She cuddled her in her carseat. She is in love.
If you'd believe it, I had planned on not buying this for her. She received a good sized stuffed Minnie for her birthday, (before we were Minnie fans), so I thought the pillow pet was overkill, despite how cute it was. After we fell in love, I decided to buy it for her. Needless to say, looking at the below cell phone pic, it was worth every penny!
Miss Beauty cuddling Miss Mouse while I unloaded the bags. :) SOOO CUTE!!

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