Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Heart Engaged

The new colors on the blog are what my new living room will be. I can't wait to start painting- TODAY! We close on our house today! Praise God!
Another part of the blog decor :

"Africa, your sufferings have been the theme that has arrested and engaged my heart. Your sufferings no tongue can express, no language impart." William Wilberforce

Our hearts have been arrested by Africa for sometime. Before we moved, I was on a walk with Sweetpea and Bolt and I saw this shape on the ground that looked like Africa. I wanted to take a pic, but decided not to. A few days later Mr. Incredible spotted it and pointed out that it looked like Africa. I stopped and snapped a cell phone pic. I just felt like it was God reminding us of this country that needs Him and needs us.

I am so excited to get settled in this new house so we can start loving on Africa! I have been hinting about God moving for sometime now. I still will not go into details yet since we are still praying and waiting to see what God's will in this area is. BUT, you can know rest assured that it does have everything to do with the orphan, Africa, and as always, the Gospel.

(ps. The quote by Wilberforce is in regards to the slave trade. I still feel this quote every time I see the sufferings over there, so I hope he doesn't mind me adopting his quote). :) I posted about Wilberforce a few years ago, read that here.

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