Thursday, February 23, 2012

Close Date House Preview

I have been dreaming about this house since we found it. Dreaming about the decor ideas. Needless to say I have it all planned out and ready to go. So, postponing the close date just makes me have to wait longer to decorate. I assume there are some of you readers out there know my pain. ;)
The house was a very low price. We bought it so we could pay it off quickly. :) We picked this one over other houses for two specific reasons. It had two large extra rooms. One will be the playroom, the second one will be the homeschool room. :)
Here are pics of the homeschool room. (it is still filled with all the former owner's stuff) It will be the last room I decorate since it will not be in use right away, but I am very excited to decorate it! :)
After some new paint, the black wall will have a bulletin board on it that will be redecorated every few weeks like in a real classsroom, and it will have an art wall to display their art work. The wall to the right will have a dry erase board and mommy's teacher desk. :)
To the right of the fire place will be the kids' desks. The left of the fireplace will be the library. In front of the fireplace will be nothing. That space can be used for floor space- like for large art projects, or if they decide they want to learn on the floor for one lesson, (wasn't that always so exciting in school?). lol And of course we want access to the fireplace. :) I may make some floor cushions for this space too.
I think I will be using this built in to store in progress projects. Oh, and I am loving the floors. :)
As I said last week, decorating brings me so much joy! :) I can't wait to show you pics of the house once I get my hands on it! :)

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