Thursday, May 3, 2012

Enchanted Rose

Since I still had the red roses, I decided to do another photoshoot and star another item on Annie's Aspirations: 6. Dress up clothes photoshoot
I mean, come on- how perfect is it that I have red roses- a Belle photoshoot is a MUST!  Oh, and notice her Tiana doll?  Sweetpea has 4 princess costumes, (our favorite princesses), Tiana, Belle, Cinderella and Aurora.  I bought matching costumes for her Tiana doll so when she dresses up her Tiana can too! :)
She requested Bolt for the shoot again :)


  1. Such a princess!! All she needs is her prince Nater in the pic. Can you imagine if we dressed him like a prince? How cute would they be?!

  2. I'm going to show this to Lydi...
    She will love the Belle dress...